Premium Silk Flower Arrangements

Silk flowers are a great for when you want a longer lasting arrangement. Particularly used at special events including weddings, artificial flowers mean you won’t have to worry about wilting flowers during warmer climates or freezing in colder ones. What’s more, silk flowers are lightweight, meaning easy delivery.

At Savor Flowers, our silk flowers have the benefits of the artificial design without compromising on look. Our arrangements are made with fine quality silk, creating a realistic looking flower for any occasion. The great thing is that these arrangements can be designed at any time. You won’t have to worry about getting in-season flowers, these bouquets will be readymade throughout the year.

Delivering across HK

The great thing about our range is that you can reuse these. Get them out for your wedding, and bring them back out years later on your anniversary. They’re also a good option as a permanent fixture in an office space. Artificial means nearly no maintenance, so you’ll have that beautiful bunch sitting there for as long as you like!

Savor Flowers takes just as much care with their silk arrangements as their others. Using fine quality silk, we’ll create a stunning design that you’ll be able to hold onto for good. If you love the look of flowers but hate having to throw them out after a month, our range of silk flowers are just what you need.

Take a look at some of our silk creations available to order today. For all enquiries regarding silk and real flowers, don’t hesitate to contact us on